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Future ready

Impact driven

Are you ready for the transitions of the 21st century? 
 Get access to our Futures Ready platform. Be inspired by the Smart Moves from pioneering companies. Unconventional actions that make impact. Discover our wide variety of ready-to-go Working Models. Challenge your thinking and perspectives to see the difference, to make a difference. 

Futures Ready framework
Onlines co-creation session

Masterclasses that empower

Three levels of change and  seven layers of organizational design create 21 capabilities for change. The platform offers bite-sized learnings to rapidly master these capabilities and tools.

Mentors powered by AI

Our online Mentors are ready to assist you anytime. Just before a meeting, prepping a creative session or in the midst of your strategy process. Use the AI supported tools or online Q&A as your sparring partner to make wise decisions.

Moonshot thinking

Moves that inspire

Our teams gather inspiring strategic moves from pioneering companies worldwide. Each smart move offers a ready-to-go intervention you can start today to start lasting change.

Models that work

Based on two decades of experience solving wicked problems, we created the 21-ready framework to help you find the right working models to get your job done. 

Find your smallest action,
that will drive the biggest impact.

We are all explorers in uncharted territories, anticipating future change and creating positive impact. Shaping thriving organizations and society requires new ways of organizing teams, designing services, and implementing business models.

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A wide variety of experts

The Futures Academy uses an applied and experiential approach called Action Research. We create new tools and ideas for modern challenges by combining academic research with real-world problem-solving. To make sense of our experiences, we've interviewed over 150 experts on anticipating and creating future impact. We happily share these videos and findings as part of our online tools and sessions.